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With over 35 years of direct response marketing and advertising experience, and as a top As Seen On TV infomercial company, you can rely on us to fill your direct response needs while saving you time and money on your campaign. We’ll educate you on every facet of direct response television marketing and provide expert advice and execution. We’ve worked with clients of all sizes and sectors.

We will create an idea; develop a script, produce, shoot, edit and deliver an effective and powerful short form commercial or a long form infomercial. With our experience and knowledge you can be assured of a great production with a strong call to action.


We produce the direct response tv commercials / infomercials you've seen with proven results.

Over 1500 National TV Campaigns Produced

You can rely on us to fill your Direct Response TV production needs. We provide expert advice and execution. With over 35 years of experience, we will educate you on just about every facet of Direct Response Television Production.

On location with Barbara Corcoran, from the ABC show Shark Tank.

Commercial Production

Our creative team, headed by director Steve Marcus and producer Matt Marcus, has grown into one of the most successful DRTV Commercial Production Companies in the United States.

Producer Matt Marcus, and Director Steve Marcus, on location with Billy Mays.

Infomercial Production

We will create an idea; develop a script, produce, shoot, edit and deliver a finished short form commercial or a long-form infomercial.

On location with Don Shula for a series of commercials for Humana Health Care.

Television Production

Marcus Productions has directed many national television specials and television series.

On the set with Ashford and Simpson, along with co-host Angela Stribbling during the shooting of a Time Life infomercial.

Time Life Music Series

A 30 minute infomercial production for Time Life Music Series.

1-800-Petmeds Direct Response TV Commercial


Marcus Productions has produced a series of successful commercials for 1-800-PetMeds.

Infomercial for

Marcus Productions launched with their first successful Direct Response TV campaign.

Hydroxycut and Slimquick owe your a big “thank you” for walking them through the entire process of creating TV commercials that sell product. Without your expertise, I don’t believe either company would have been nearly as successful in mass market as they were during the time we worked together. You were also instrumental to my success as a marketer learning how to build 100MM+ brands with the addition of TV commercials. I haven’t worked with any company that was better than Marcus Productions for producing weight-loss commercials that sell product. Thank you Steve, you are the best at what you do.

Sports Supplement Marketing Consultant
Scott welch


We're proud to help brands like these achive their goals.
DRTV production company


As one of the Top 10  Direct Response TV Commercial Production Companies in the United States, you will be sure to recognize our national work with big-name brands such as Humana, Hydroxycut, Hair Club for Men, Toyota, Lancôme, Skippy Peanut Butter, Rain-X, Slim Quick, Time-Life, Gummout Fuel Injector Cleaner, Liberator Medical, L’Orêal, Met-Life, Duracell Batteries, Pet Supermarket, Black Magic Tire Shine and many, many more.

Will Your Product Sell?

Is it Highly Demonstrable? Is it unique or new? Does it solve a common problem? Does it have mass market appeal? Read what Steve Marcus recommends in an article from Inc. Magazine here.

Why Choose Us?

Marcus Productions boasts a highly skilled team of professionals who are experienced in creating captivating and effective TV commercials and infomercials, ensuring that your message resonates with your target audience.

Infomercial & DRTV Costs

Costs will depend on the complexity and the length of the production. The final script will determine the crew size, number of shooting days, and whether a studio, location or both are needed.

Go behind the scenes of an Infomercial Shoot

Marcus Productions on location shooting a 30 minute infomercial.

Go behind the scenes of a 2-minute DRTV commercial shoot.


  • Over the course of my 30+ year career in marketing, advertising and senior leadership at The Coca-Cola Company, Starbucks and smaller brands I have worked with literally hundreds of production companies and agencies. Without a doubt, my experience with Marcus Productions ranks among the top tier across several key aspects of a great productive relationship. I would highly recommend anyone seeking to drive sales in a brand-building manner give Marcus Productions a serious look…you will not be disappointed.

    Carl Sweat
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, ThermaMEDx
  • Steve, you have a great team there and I loved seeing your vision come to life. It was a pleasure working with you all around.

    Eva Pitts
    Brand Manager, Rain-X
  • Steve Marcus & his production team were a pleasure to work with & produced a top quality commercial for us. His extensive DR knowledge guided us through the entire process beautifully, while always asking for our input every step of the way.

    Chris Pawela
    Advertising Director, 1-800-PetMeds
  • Steve, his in-house team, and the third parties he works with, handled everything including concepts, scripts, casting, location selection, wardrobe, makeup, graphics, editing, duplication, and media buying.

    Matthew Siegal
    President and CEO, Dr. Siegal's Direct Nutritionals
  • Marcus Productions delivers it all, making the unattainable trinity attainable. Their creative and production quality are unsurpassed, they always deliver in a timely manner. 

    Bill Lubic
    Creative Director,
  • Having hosted hundreds of local, syndicated and network television segments, I truly enjoyed my time working with Steve Marcus. Having a professional producer/director involved from concept to completion is the key element between an amateur and a professional TV production.

    Andy Pargh
    The Gadget Guru
  • Steve Marcus and Marcus Productions produced our Ovaltine commercials for almost 10 years up until the time the brand was sold to Nestle. What we liked most about Steve was his ability to collaborate and to work together to achieve a common vision. He and his organization were supportive, creative producers and directors.

    Jeffrey Himmel
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Himmel Nutrition Inc.
  • Steve treated this commercial like his own baby. From concept through script, casting, direction, editing until completed video. Steve produced a professional commercial and was involved in every step. His attention to detail was fantastic and you can see that this is a man who loves his work. I wouldn’t consider creating another commercial without Steve’s involvement.

    Neil Kugelman
  • Partnering with Steve Marcus and Marcus Productions provided the knowledge and experience needed to put together a comprehensive and meaningful campaign.

    Jeff Tobias
    Vice President Sales & Marketing, Healthcare Providers Direct