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DRTV Production Services

Creative Services
Our creative team has the knowledge and experience to determine the best approach for your short form or long form infomercial. One approach is to create a “lead generator’ where the price of the product or service is not mentioned, leading the viewer to call for more information. The other approach mentions the price point in the “call to action” where the final pitch is made to get the viewer to call the 800 number or visit the website. In many cases the price of the product or service will determine if your production is 28 ½ minutes or a 120 or 60 second short-form commercial.

When writing the script, we employ a problem-solution scenario which identifies a problem the viewer can identify with and then demonstrates how your product or service solves that problem. As the script is written, determinations will be made as to the use of demonstrations and testimonials. Our goal is not to win awards but to produce your infomercial with high production values that will sell your product and give credibility.

Once the commercial has been written and approved the production process begins. First, we cast the talent. A video link of the casting is then sent out the following day for the client to view. Upon determining the best way to convey your message, shooting will take place on location, in a studio or both and may take one or more days. Our production standards are among the highest in the industry. We use HD cameras with 35 MM lenses to ensure network quality production. Following the shoot, post production begins including editing, the creation and incorporation of animation and audio dubbing. This entire process takes place in-house.

DRTV Media Buying
We strongly recommend a one to two week national cable media test. Our media buyers will research and prepare a media campaign specifically targeted for your product. Each network that runs the infomercial will have a different 800 number so we can track which networks are attracting viewers. Our media buyers will work closely with you, guiding you through all stages of the media buying process, from DRTV media testing and analysis, through roll-out. This approach ensures direct response media buys that lead to direct results.

Fulfillment and Call Centers
Not every call center and fulfillment company is right for every product. We will make recommendations for selecting the right team to answer the calls and get the product delivered to the consumer. We will help you choose the most effective company for your product.

What is DRTV (Direct Response Television) and is it right for your product?
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We have directed many television specials, shows and series. Some of which he was called on to direct for other companies.

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